Thursday, August 15, 2013

Acne and scars

Acne can be very upsetting physically and emotionally,
It can happen at any age.
It can happen to any gender.

Likely causes of Acne are:


Hormones: too much Testosterone, DHEA.S, Estrogen. Teenage, pregnancies or oral contraceptive pills are likely usual causes.

PCOD:  Polycystic ovarian disease is of above hormones out of whack in addition to excess hair growth also contributes to acne and this cause is generally treatable.

Teenage: again basically hormonal surge during teens, usually self-limiting.

Stress: Not a known documented cause but this is a hypothesis: The way stress can increase acne is increasing stress hormones that leads to excess oily skin and sebum production leading to acne, can be treated by reducing stress and meditation.

Genetics: If your parents had it you are likely to inherit that gene of acne.

Food: Surprisingly study shows chocolates are a cause of acne, otherwise foods generally not the number one cause, 

Smoking: Conflicting studies show conflicting point of views; in fact one study in 2007 showed that smoking in adolescents may be anti-inflammatory and decrease acne, well whatever studies say, smoking is a bad idea from every point of view. I will stick with the harmful effect on acne.

Usual medications to treat acne range from benzoyl peroxide, retinols, topical clindamycin/erythromycin, and systemic antibiotics of tetracycline class like doxycycline or minocycline.

What really might work for very cystic acne are acid peels or lasers done by professionals and dermatologists, derma abrasions are reserved for scarring.

Newer dermatologists everywhere are brining in new technologies for a clearer skin, so an appointment with a dermatologist is totally worthwhile, if someone you know has been to a dermatologist already its better to take feedback before you visit them.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013



What is PCOS/PCOD: it’s the cysts in the ovaries combined with hormonal disturbances like insulin resistance, irregular menstrual cycle, infertility, excess hair and acne and weight gain.

Why it happens:
Eating processed foods (like sweets, fried snacks, packed noodles, pizzas, burgers) and high sugar foods and lack of exercise leads to insulin resistance as the basic problem leading to cystic ovaries and thus the whole array of hormonal changes.

Can you avoid it? YES
Try to stick to foods in natural forms and have an active lifestyle.
Try to eat foods low in dense calories for example if you eat foods rich in sugars, even if you manage the calorie intake the damage is already done so under eating will not help.

High fasting insulin and glucose,
Reversal of LH/FSH ratio more than 2:1
High Free testosterone 
High DHEA. S.
Ovarian Cysts on Ultra sound of abdomen.

Firstly life style modification is a must.
No excuses: You have to exercise no matter how you find time. Even half hour of good intensity exercise is good.
Food habits need to change forever: have fruits that are low in sugar and vegetables and good quality proteins from food. Avoid combinations like starch and sugar, starch and oil.
Insulin resistance is the key feature so to tackle your doctor may put you on Metformin (class of drugs called biguanides) initially. Usually Metformin should help in regulation of periods and help with weight loss and acne and excess hair.
Sometimes doctor can even put you on Aldactone/spironolactone which are potassium sparing diuretics which help in lowering the androgenic features like acne and excess hair.
Sometimes you will also receive oral contraceptive pills for regulation of menstrual cycle.
But all this can be avoided if life style changes are made.

Long term dangers of PCOS:
Development of diabetes,
Inability to have children,
Mood disturbances,

Hope this helps.
Stay Healthy Folks.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Food options for Navratras

Food options for Navratras

It’s a great time to detox your body for almost 7-8 days.

Please don’t fall for fried snack and fried potatoes that are so common and increase your body inflammation leading to weight gain.
If you prefer potatoes then have roasted or boiled 1 medium size potato per day with rock salt.

Ram Dana Ladoo also called Amaranth cakes in moderation, since they are sweet, try the ones with pure Jaggery or organic honey (1 Tbs serving size).

Roasted flax seed with favorite fruit.

Gluten free flour buckwheat flour chapatti/bread: its great for weight loss too in everyday life.

Sendha Namak or rock salt is great low sodium pure salt which should be used anyway in everyday cooking.

Fox Nuts or Makhana: Rich source of protein and carbohydrate, best eaten roasted and sprinkled with rock salt or sendha namak. Avoid the fried options as I said before.

Eat high fiber and high pectin fruits like apples and pears.

Top up the water and increase detoxing by having herbal teas like Jasmine and Dandelion root tea.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

5 ways to a post-festival recovery:

5 ways to a post-festival recovery:

Most of us will have a slip during festival, as food is an integral part of the celebrations.

By doing either of these you can make up for the slips that happened, but this should not become a habit.

·      First repair is fasting the next day with only water or herbal/green teas.

·      Second repair is Physical exertion in terms of a workout or a run that is more than your usual.

·      Third repair option is to under eat for at least 3-4 days, depending upon how big was the slip.

·      Fourth repair is to eat high lean proteins for short term and decreasing carbohydrates like 2-3 days.

·      Fifth repair is to do a 3 day detox by Dr. Oz. and recharge your system.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Foods for Glowing skin, better sex, flatter tummy, happier mood, lush hair, more energy.

90 percent of times its what goes into the body that brings the effects outside.

 Have better sex
  •   Testosterone: by increasing your hormones like testosterone, the libido hormone, even women need it in small amounts and it gets depleted with age
  •  Vitamins:  increase B vitamins,
  •  Coffee: 2 cups coffee,
  •  Zinc: from pork, dark meats, yogurt, cheese, cashews, almonds, chick peas, baked beans.
  •  Exercise is another way to increase the testosterone.

Glowing skin:
  •  Eating fresh foods as opposed to processed foods, which are high in sugars and fat and are a big no since they are all inflammation causing foods and take away the charm from your face.
  •  Water: By the time we are thirsty our body is already depleted the water stores.
  •  Drinking water as per your body weight is essential. Our body is 60% water  and that’s the only big thing we really ignore. I have seen people cringing on not buying a bottle of water when they can instantly spend on lets say an ice cream or a milkshake or any aerated drinks. Calculate your water intake by dividing your weight in pounds by 2: that many ounces are needed per day. Example you are a 130 lbs. person then 65 ounces is your water need but if you exercise then add 8 ounces for every 30 minutes and if you have wine then 5 ounces for every glass of wine.
  • Exercise can again put instant glow to the face by eliminating toxins from the body via sweat.
  • Dental caries: any unfilled/exposed teeth are a source of infection and have known to cause bad skin, so its time for a dental check.

Happier mood and more energy:
  • ·      Dark chocolate and blue berries combination or dark chocolate and pomegranate, vitamins like B6 and Omega 3 such as salmon or supplements like wild Alaskan salmon oil.
  • ·      Get your MAG (magnesium): spinach, legumes, beans are all rich in magnesium, or one can have chelated magnesium that is great for fatigue and bone health.
  • ·      Another microelement that is under eaten is selenium: found in Brazil nut, salmon, whole wheat bread, crabmeat, and pork.
  • ·      Vitamin E found in nuts, leafy vegetables, fortified cereals, vegetable oils. I would go with nuts and leafy vegetables.
  • ·      Low fat and high fiber diet in general should be the rule.
  • ·      Soy: tofu, tempeh, miso soup.
  • ·      Vitamin b6 rich foods: B6 is found in Liver, Rabbit, Fatty Fish, Red & Green Peppers (raw) Cod, Turkey, Hazel nuts, Peanuts, Cashew nuts, Potato, Chicken, Beef, Pork, Wheat bran.

Lush hair
  •  Zinc and good quality proteins and vitamin E from nuts, leafy vegetables, fortified cereals, vegetable oils.
  • Low fat and high fiber diet again is a general rule for good hair.
  •   Exercise too adds to hair growth by increasing circulation.

Flatter tummy:

  •  Low carb high protein food
  •  Fibre from plant sterols, vitamin c, whey protein, capsaicin rich cayenne, Gluten free, chromium pollinate
  • Hormones: Avoid milk since it is laden with hormones and is one thing to avoid if you want flat belly. Being vegetarian helps since meats and chicken and fish all have some amount of hormones.
  • Age is a factor too for all of the above, so best is to get on a healthy anti aging routine like bio-identical hormones from a trained physician or good quality serums.
  • ·      Oxidant exposure: smoke, pollution, and inflammatory foods like fried starches and high sugar foods all lead to low energy, bad mood, breakouts. Top up the green tea and white tea, which have compounds like ECEG that are powerful antioxidants. Co-Q10 also known as ubiquinone is another good supplement for women for glowing skin. It really helps topically as well as an oral supplement for repair of skin and decreases the crow’s feet and wrinkles around your eyes. 
  • ·      Mental stress also puts width to your belly since cortisol is a hormone that is secreted in stress and increases fat deposition on your belly.To beat the stress one needs to relax, indulge in taking vacations, meditate, practice deep breathing in free time. 
  • ·       Exercise even if in small amounts can do you well when it comes to belly fat. If you do weights they are even better. Most fat is around organs and no liposuction can take it away.