Tuesday, April 16, 2013



What is PCOS/PCOD: it’s the cysts in the ovaries combined with hormonal disturbances like insulin resistance, irregular menstrual cycle, infertility, excess hair and acne and weight gain.

Why it happens:
Eating processed foods (like sweets, fried snacks, packed noodles, pizzas, burgers) and high sugar foods and lack of exercise leads to insulin resistance as the basic problem leading to cystic ovaries and thus the whole array of hormonal changes.

Can you avoid it? YES
Try to stick to foods in natural forms and have an active lifestyle.
Try to eat foods low in dense calories for example if you eat foods rich in sugars, even if you manage the calorie intake the damage is already done so under eating will not help.

High fasting insulin and glucose,
Reversal of LH/FSH ratio more than 2:1
High Free testosterone 
High DHEA. S.
Ovarian Cysts on Ultra sound of abdomen.

Firstly life style modification is a must.
No excuses: You have to exercise no matter how you find time. Even half hour of good intensity exercise is good.
Food habits need to change forever: have fruits that are low in sugar and vegetables and good quality proteins from food. Avoid combinations like starch and sugar, starch and oil.
Insulin resistance is the key feature so to tackle your doctor may put you on Metformin (class of drugs called biguanides) initially. Usually Metformin should help in regulation of periods and help with weight loss and acne and excess hair.
Sometimes doctor can even put you on Aldactone/spironolactone which are potassium sparing diuretics which help in lowering the androgenic features like acne and excess hair.
Sometimes you will also receive oral contraceptive pills for regulation of menstrual cycle.
But all this can be avoided if life style changes are made.

Long term dangers of PCOS:
Development of diabetes,
Inability to have children,
Mood disturbances,

Hope this helps.
Stay Healthy Folks.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Food options for Navratras

Food options for Navratras

It’s a great time to detox your body for almost 7-8 days.

Please don’t fall for fried snack and fried potatoes that are so common and increase your body inflammation leading to weight gain.
If you prefer potatoes then have roasted or boiled 1 medium size potato per day with rock salt.

Ram Dana Ladoo also called Amaranth cakes in moderation, since they are sweet, try the ones with pure Jaggery or organic honey (1 Tbs serving size).

Roasted flax seed with favorite fruit.

Gluten free flour buckwheat flour chapatti/bread: its great for weight loss too in everyday life.

Sendha Namak or rock salt is great low sodium pure salt which should be used anyway in everyday cooking.

Fox Nuts or Makhana: Rich source of protein and carbohydrate, best eaten roasted and sprinkled with rock salt or sendha namak. Avoid the fried options as I said before.

Eat high fiber and high pectin fruits like apples and pears.

Top up the water and increase detoxing by having herbal teas like Jasmine and Dandelion root tea.