Monday, April 30, 2012

Decrease stress by exercie--- oh yes and how!!

Interval training is a useful alternative to extended workouts. Short bursts of intense activity with rest periods in between can knock out stress and prevent high cortisol levels.
Recovery is necessary to allow the release of human growth hormone and endorphins, relieving muscular tension and replacing muscle mass.
You can alternate aerobic exercise with strength training is another way to maximize your workouts.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Common sense weight loss tips.

Common sense weight loss tips.

Who are most successful dieters in this world

Who change bad eating habits forever
Who know what they eat and when to stop
Who exercise at least half hour daily.

Unsuccessful dieters are

Yo yo dieters
Want fast results
Don’t want to change
May not be aware of harmful foods
Very busy in personal life like too many things to accomplish in the day.

Simple solutions no magic just common sense.

No need to count points or calories
Eat smaller portion of whatever you eat
Eat sized portion here is a rough guide
Palm sized for bread
Tennis ball size for protein and pingpong ball for sweets
No need to hit the gym simple workout plans are easy to do at home like jumping imaginary rope, jumping jacks, knee high kicks, straight arm rotations.
Such high intensity for 10 min per day will affect your weight and metabolism like you never imagined before.
Eat slowly take time tell your brain you ate
Drink up an unsweetened beverage before the meal
Hunger and thirst are perceived as similar by brain so stay hydrated.
If you really want to lose lot of weight and stay thin then go slow 2 lbs loss a week is a rough guide.
Don’t be haunted by idea of weight loss all day, eat normal every now and then just go low on one meal a day especially dinner.
Check what you eat, every morsel you eat will get stored somewhere unless burnt or used by body for energy.
Trust yourself.