Friday, September 11, 2015

Fat Burners myths and facts

Many Fat burners are touted in the market and people waste so much money trying to get thin by using them.

I have been a victim of this bogus marketing myself so I decided to write this.
Being a doctor I researched many scientific papers articles before I wrote this.

Now to tell you the truth about fat burning:

Fat burns as the last fuel in our body. To use stored fat, as energy first thing is to cut the fat from your diet, many latest papers in journals have published that low fat diet is better than low carb diet.

Then about good fat and the bad fat: what is good fat? Any fatty acids rich in Omega 3,6,9 are good fatty acids example in Nuts, Avocados, Fish, Seeds, Extra virgin Olive Oil, and cold pressed oils.
Bad fats are present in most fried foods, burgers, donuts, and condensed fatty sweets etc

Women accumulate fat mainly in subcutaneous tissues up to menopause and then it starts attacking arteries and in and around organs.

Men accumulate fat in Liver and around organs and arteries starting at a very young age.

Can you burn the fat in the arteries NO, can you utilize the fat from around the organs YES

Burn fat naturally with following ways:

  • ·      EXERCISE PLEASE: 150 minutes per week is a good start and good enough for longevity.

  • ·      Peppers, celery are thermogenic foods, after eating your body temperature goes up a little bit.

  • ·      Vitamin C: According to a study people with more vitamin C oxidize 30% more fat during exercise than people deficient in vitamin C. Sources of Vitamin C are citrus fruits, green vegetables and supplements of Vitamin C.

  • ·      Lean protein: also causes thermogenesis and increases satiety.

  • ·      Catechines like green tea and coffee may also increase fat breakdown  (lipolysis).

  • ·      Dietary calcium helps body get rid of excess fat in stool.

  • ·      Carnitine an amino acid present in milk, cheese, chicken fish, helps in oxidizing fatty acids for energy.

  • ·      Garcinia cambogia is not showing much promising results, you still have to use will power to suppress appetite and have low fat and low carbs.... only time will tell us how this supplement will be very useful in weight loss.

·      There are some supplements on which studies are underway I will keep you posted on the ones that really work.