Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Top rated fruits for weight loss:

Top rated fruits for weight loss:

Many of us eat fruits in excess thinking its very healthy
Fruits are natural source of sugar and they are of course healthier than any other snack that comes out of a box. But they should be consumed in moderation.
Easiest way to consume them is as in between snacks.

So a healthy serving of fruit is about 2-3 small servings per day for a healthy lifestyle.

Are they good for weight loss?

Yes few fruits are less inflammatory and aid in weight loss. Weight loss depends on the glycemic index of the fruit that’s eaten during weight loss phase. 
Have only one-two servings per day during extensive phase.

1.     Blueberries 1 cup 84 calories.
2.     Asian pear 1 whole 51 calories.
3.     Green/red apple 1 whole 65 calories.
4.     Gooseberry or Amla in Hindi 1 cup=66 calories.
5.     Navel orange 1 cup 81 calories.
6.     Indian ber : 60 calories about 5 bers.
7.     Water melon: 1 cup 46 calories.