Thursday, January 21, 2016


Emotional eating is when you eat at a time when you are not hungry and it makes you feel good. 

Some people eat when they are very happy, when they are sad, angry, depressed, hurt, bored or nervous.

Some people have inadequate amounts of Dopamine/Serotonin in brain. These are happy hormones. 

Food/sugar can transiently elevate their levels and effects are short lived. Therefore frequent eating is also becomes a part of this.

·      We all are victims of emotional eating at some point in our lives but its a problem if it leads to weight gain/diabetes etc.

.   Problems:

  • ·   This can causes a serious weigh issues. Obesity as a consequence.
  • ·    Later on causing heart problems, diabetes or high blood pressure.
  • ·    When the person is doing this type of eating they don’t consume fruits or salads, at that time they consume junk food, high calorie food, foods rich in sugar and produce happiness.

  • ·  To avoid this problem people should recognize the true hunger-a craving for cookies, chocolates, sweets, chips is emotional eating not a true hunger.
  • ·  Have water to alleviate thirst which sometimes is misinterpreted by brain as hunger.
  • ·   To avoid this people should join the counseling & coaching sessions, they should avoid the candy bar and take a walk, dance, listen to music or call a friend.
  • ·  They can manage a stress in a healthy way by doing regular exercise or they can eat fruit or salad, low calorie snack instead of high calorie food.

Lets fight Obesity together.
Contributions also by Shreya Dietitian at LNF

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Get rid of those Thunder #thighs in 5 easy ways.

Ever wondered about the stubborn cheesy bulky thighs
Not fair, most men don’t have it why should we?

My own story is that I  kept aside a sum of money and decided to get some surgery to get rid of those thighs but then I found this solution after researching and trying everything available about this topic on internet/books/journals( not much out there)/blogs/videos,machines also using help of friends who struggled like me and achieved success.

Most of the times I also blamed hormones but then worked on them religiously diet wise and workout wise.  I applied some to myself , failed many times, but finally I found a cure to decrease the thigh fat. I never became skinny but I found a way to manage to satisfy myself with even tone and got rid of side bags.As a result my thighs are way smaller now than few years ago.

5 ways:
  1. I walked at least 30 minutes using my whole foot and thighs (no running) not just my feet.
  2. I increased my vegetable intake (raw mainly) 1-2 quarter plate of salad daily, with added fruits.
  3. I drank a gallon of water daily and never sat for longer than 30 minutes, move move move every half hour
  4. I do squats/lunges(get the technique right please) in pluses when in shower, restroom, kitchen, 10,10,10 and sometimes when watching TV, I just sit 1 inch above the chair/sofa for a few minutes. Trampoline is awesome too for weaker knees.
  5. I stretch and squeeze those long muscles of legs whenever I can.