Sunday, January 10, 2016

Get rid of those Thunder #thighs in 5 easy ways.

Ever wondered about the stubborn cheesy bulky thighs
Not fair, most men don’t have it why should we?

My own story is that I  kept aside a sum of money and decided to get some surgery to get rid of those thighs but then I found this solution after researching and trying everything available about this topic on internet/books/journals( not much out there)/blogs/videos,machines also using help of friends who struggled like me and achieved success.

Most of the times I also blamed hormones but then worked on them religiously diet wise and workout wise.  I applied some to myself , failed many times, but finally I found a cure to decrease the thigh fat. I never became skinny but I found a way to manage to satisfy myself with even tone and got rid of side bags.As a result my thighs are way smaller now than few years ago.

5 ways:
  1. I walked at least 30 minutes using my whole foot and thighs (no running) not just my feet.
  2. I increased my vegetable intake (raw mainly) 1-2 quarter plate of salad daily, with added fruits.
  3. I drank a gallon of water daily and never sat for longer than 30 minutes, move move move every half hour
  4. I do squats/lunges(get the technique right please) in pluses when in shower, restroom, kitchen, 10,10,10 and sometimes when watching TV, I just sit 1 inch above the chair/sofa for a few minutes. Trampoline is awesome too for weaker knees.
  5. I stretch and squeeze those long muscles of legs whenever I can.

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