Monday, August 13, 2012

Workouts in daily life.

Lets put our body into a workout mode while doing daily activities and chores.

1.     Take the stairs avoid elevators as much as possible.
2.     Get up to get water instead of yelling for the house help.
3.     Carry groceries yourself instead of paying someone else to carry them for you.
4.     Play with your child outdoors.
5.     Stroll around your office for five minutes when you take a break instead of sitting and sipping another cup of caloric beverage
6.     For women: give your thighs a workout by not sitting on the public toilet seat.
7.     Contract your tummy and hold for several times while driving. You can do the same for your butt.
8.     Use only one leg to get up from sofa….strong quadriceps.
9.     Move your own furniture.
1.   Walk fast at all times as if you are late for work.
1.   Park your car away from the entrance so you have to take a mini walk to get to your destination.
1.   Use TV remote sparingly.
1.   Lift your child once in a while and walking can burn a good amount of calories but be careful not to strain your back.

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