Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Indian summer seasonal vegetables for weight loss.

Summer in India is quite hot, essential part of the diet is salads and vegetable that will keep you cool and fit.

Cucumber: Love it love it, its a skinned salad, safe from pesticides and extremely loaded with water, high fibre. Eat it alone or combine with tomatoes,sprouts and cilantro/parsley leaves or mint raita. Best part its very economical. Extremely low calorie, potassium, beta carotene,vitamin C, antioxidant, slightly diuretic,vitamin K( can be unsafe in people taking blood thinners like coumadin). Medicinal benefits are: delayed Alzheimer's disease, gout relief, constipation relief.

Tomatoes: beautiful organic vine tomatoes available at almost each vegetable vendor outlet, combine with sprouts, cucumber, parsley,cilantro and chat masala. They contain loads of lycopene which is a great antioxidant.

Kakri: also same family as cucumber,known as cucumis melo var. Same qualities as cucumber, if you will refer above.

Melons: full of antioxidants and water rich, many types, easily available everywhere, catch them before monsoon hits the Indian subcontinent.

Lettuce: not easily available, usually imported, pesticides scare and short shelf life works against it, but nevertheless it  makes a lovely base for the continental style salads, should be eaten with extra-virgin olive oil.

Lauki: also known as doodhi: not tasteless if cooked in combination of curries with chicken or soy, contain, vitamins B and C and fibre, iron, potassium, sodium.

Pumpkin:Or petha: rich in carotene's and vitamin A,C,E and magnesium for muscles, iron for hemoglobin, niacin and dietary fibre.

Turai:Great for diabetics, rich in Vitamin C,thiamine, riboflavin,iron and magnesium. Good source of fibre and water and an excellent weight loss aid.

I may be missing some would love my readers to add more......

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  1. Hi

    After days of looking for a site which would provide some relevant advice on healthy eating and its importance I stumbled over your blog.

    I was slightly overweight as a child due to my nanny feeding me 5 meals a day instead of 3!

    I faced a lot of criticism from my relatives. They would say that no one would marry me and I would look horrible as I would grow older.(I don't know why people of Indian decent start worrying of someones marriage well before the person reached marriageable age).

    Since I was still 12 years old (10 years ago) at that time I decided to starve myself. I resorted 3 meals per day and reduced the quantity I ate.

    When I started having my menses, it went well for a few months and then stopped. My mother took me to a doctor to discover that I was anemic. I took supplements for sometime and my health improved.

    But my menses still remained abnormal. Whenever we visited the doctor he would say I have an hormonal imbalance and that he can't do anything about it.I would wait for my menses to restart.

    But by then I was crazy to lose weight. Not knowing the right way to lose it I decided to eat the amount a toddle would eat.

    2 months ago, I started having one sided head aches, pain in the temples and cheek bones. I consulted the doctor and he prescribed me Panalgesic. I finished 3 packs of it but the pain did not vanish.

    I visited another doctor who told me that I was anemic again. He informed me that the cause of my headache was due to anemia and when I study my brain is unable to bear the pressure. Since I am in the final trimester of my studies, there is a lot of pressure.

    Anemia is on the rise because voluptuous women are criticied and being petite is the in thing.

    Do you have an advice on anemia?

    My height is 169cm and my weight is 52.7 kilos.

    Hoping to hear from you soon.

    Angel Narayan