Friday, June 22, 2012

Looking thin is as important!!!

Most of us have fat in areas that is just stubborn and doesn't go......instead of surgery I suggest you wear clothes that flatter your nicer areas,

As soon as you see some clothing is making you look thin buy it .....its priceless.

When you go shopping check your body type first,

Apple shaped
Pear shaped
Banana shaped
Hourglass shaped

Apple shaped people have bigger waistline and thinner legs, so enhance legs more and cover that tummy with loose uppers, go with shorts or smaller skirts, dresses with pencil taper.

Big no no: do not wear body hugging uppers or t-shirts,

Dietary advice: Eat a breakfast with eggs and cheese and tomatoes, and take conjugated linoleic acid supplements,avocado, beans, whole wheat.

Pear shaped: These people have a bigger hip and upper thigh area, and a thinner upper body, they should enhance their waist line with skimpy tops, A shaped dresses.

Big no no : do not wear skinny jeans or tight tapering trousers, try boot cut or flare,

Dietary advice: Try only protein shake for lunch and have kidney bean extract and red clover leaf tea.Sit on hard bottom when possible.Eat only whole wheat, avoid white rice.

Banana shaped: These people hardly have a waistline and are same in top and as well as bottom,
try to wear shoulder enhancing puff sleeves. Can try hip pads for enhancing the bottom under jeans or dresses. Also wear push up bras when possible.

Big no no: fitted dresses.

Dietary advice: To get a bigger butt or more upper body mass, try nut butters on bread, healthier than eating fried stuff.

Hourglass shaped: They are voluptuous and have a fine waist, they should try to clinch it when possible and wear flowy dresses.They look great in a 2 piece bikini.

Big no no: straight dresses without waist enhancement will make them look fat.

Dietary advice: Do what you are doing since this is a figure to die for.

Big arms: wear full length sleeves or 3/4 sleeves, do not dare to bare. some things look beautiful under wraps.

Big Calves: avoid high heels they will enhance your calves.

Big breasts: Go shop for a bra that down sizes your treasure.

Try out body shaping undergarments instead of liposuction!!!

Last of all: consult your trainer for focused workouts.

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