Friday, July 13, 2012

Hormones & inches on your waist

Adiponectin: Its a protein of 244 amino acids.
Deficiency of adiponectin is associated with insulin resistance and diabetes type 2.
The more weight you have the less adiponectin you have.
Exercise in bouts increases its levels.
There are ayurvedic supplements available also which I cannot mention at this point.

Insulin: Insulin imbalance can be a big hurdle in your weight loss program, so get yourself tested for insulin resistance if you have weight issues and don't seem to lose it even when doing enough exercise and diet control.
Exercise and medications by your doctor can really help.

Ghrelin excess can make you run for the snack bar again and again. Its the hunger hormone.
supressit by the following:

1.Big breakfast
2.Complex carbs:my favourite is oat bran
3.Eating on schedule
4.Volumetrics(many low calorie items in the plate) and soup
5.Protein:whey smoothie

Cortisol: high is bad
Stress increases the cortisol also culprits are :
excessive caffeine

Cortisol reducers are

2.plant sterols in vegetables
3.vitamin c
4.whey protein
5.capsacin rich cayenne
6.Gluten free

Key points: exercising and vegetable in take should be a priority.

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