Thursday, August 27, 2015

#VagalNerveStimulation for #WeightLoss and #Depression

Where is Vagus nerve located? : It’s the 10th cranial nerve, longest in course, from head to the stomach.
In the stomach it stimulates smooth muscle contraction and glandular secretions in these organs. For example, in the stomach, the Vagus nerve increases the rate of gastric emptying, and stimulates acid production.

Stimulation of this nerve can be done in many ways:
Surgical /Endoscopic and Yoga

My favorite is Yoga and Pranayama, Chakra balancing causing vibrations through the nerve’s entire course.

I have researched in books and Internet about this due to personal interest and practiced this and then decided to share with people.

Chakra balancing can be learnt via a Healer is the best way or some can be learnt by seeing YouTube videos.
Same goes for Pranayama
One can also search Internet for Vagal Nerve stimulation by Yoga.

I have just started telling my patients how to easily us this technique to suppress appetite. It’s safe and can be done at home or office and no pills, no procedures.

Good luck.

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