Monday, August 3, 2015

10 essentials for a weight loss journey

Lot of people start starving to lose weight and get nutritionally deficient, result is hair loss, bad skin, low memory, low energy, irritable mood.

  1. ·      Adequate water intake
  2. ·      Whole grain for sustained energy and fullness
  3. ·      Get a good multivitamin
  4. ·      Enough proteins to keep the immune system healthy
  5. ·      Get your raw vegetables and salads/low sugar fruit at least twice a day.
  6. ·      Get some exercise; don’t go running marathons if you are on low calorie diet, take a walk.
  7. ·      Have good fats (nuts in limited quantities), they keep you full.
  8. ·      Avoid simple sugars as cheats; cheat on whole grain if you have to.
  9. ·      Don’t eat late night.
  10. ·      Avoid alcohol as much as possible.

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