Monday, December 7, 2015

Sweet (potato) for weight loss ???

Sweet potato help in weight loss
Nutrition content of 1 medium sweet potato
Nutritional facts
 Serving size:224g
134 calories
Dietary fiber
Sweet potato is a seasonal now days and it play a very important role in it is good for health help in weight loss. 

  1. As sweet potato is low in calorie content, so low calorie foods help in weight loss.
  2. Sweet potato are rich in fibers, they basically help in improving the digestion metabolism. 
  3. Water content is also high in sweet potato so fiber & water also make and keep feel fuller for longer so sweet potato help in reducing the weight by curbing appetitie and reducing the temptation to overeat.
  4. Sweet potato also have low glycemic index which means they help in stabilizing the blood sugar level and prevent the accumulation of belly fat , because unstable blood sugar levels may lead to insulin resistance, which may end up being a precursor to obesity.
  5. Anti-oxidant properties in sweet potato help in tackling the free radicals in our bodies and aids in weight loss
So make sweet potato a part of your regular diet.

Its nutritious and deserves to be a part of your regular diet if you want to lose weight.

With contributions from Shreya , dietian at LNF

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