Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sugar Addiction is real find ways to quit

Sugar Sugar on my mind.

I come across so many people who always ask me doc can I eat some sweet post my meal everyday? Or I have a sweet tooth and I cant live without some sweet everyday.
That sounds familiar?

Sugar is addictive and numerous studies have shown it to be very very addictive.

Lot of people argue: but but shouldn't we eat sugar for energy, what do you mean give up sugar, how will we live?

In addition to weight gain, excess sugar can also cause inflammation, have adverse effects on your heart, increase your risk for diabetes and possibly cause kidney damage.

Giving up sugar now or never that's how it works . 

Learn the difference between natural and artificial sugar. 

If you consume large quantities of sugar give it up now. It works like now or never.  I have myself tried to do slow quitting but cravings always comes back.

Go easy in a party don't let one night of fun ruin your sugar quitting, as party will end but cravings will not.

While buying, read food labels carefully (we will be doing a section on that.)

Alcohol also contains sugar. So called empty calories.

Artificial sweeteners as low- calorie replacements have a variety of side effects.

   Contributions also by Aditi Shrishrimal Health Coach at LNF.


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