Wednesday, June 1, 2016


“One of those bad days”.. Ah..!! We all have said this to ourselves some day or the other. Sometimes, we experience depression or mood swings due to inadequate sleep,fatigue or over thinking. If you’re feeling dull or blue, there are some foods to alleviate your mood and make you feel better irrespective of the reason for your sad mood. The following foods may help ease anxiety, fight depression and reduce stress.
·       Chocolate, all eyes wide open & mouth filled with gushes of water!! Yes, guess we all know or have heard that eating dark chocolate (of course in limited quantity) reduces stress. Just be careful with the quantity consumed else, you’ll be stressed with the weighing scale showing unhappy results.
·       Green Leafy Vegetables, include this bundle of anti-depressants into salads, soups & sandwiches or stir fry. Eating these would not only keep calories at bay but also help reduce depression.
·       Green Tea, being rich in anti-oxidants, drinking green tea can lower level of stress thereby making you feel better.
·       Walnuts & Flaxseed, toss them into salads/ smoothies or into breakfast cereal/ granola to get your omega 3, which would keep you hail & hearty and always on the go.
·       Berries, mornings or evenings..who doesn’t like to indulge into berries, either throw in a handful into morning cereal or snack on them fresh or frozen. It be blueberry,strawberry,raspberry, they help reduce stress & when eaten before bed induce sound sleep.
·       Salmon & Oily fish, try to indulge in a preparation of salmon or trout fish to get your daily dose of omega 3, known to boost mood & memory.

·       Fruits & Vegetables, if consumed in limited quantity would surely help reduce depression & uplifting mood. By consuming vegetables & fruits, you not only feel contented naturally but also feel happy.

By Aditi Shrishrimal Health Coach at LNF