Wednesday, June 15, 2016


When it comes to your health and being fit we often choose healthy and caloric balance in our routine but how many of us actually know how to make a caloric balance and but we rather choose calorie counting as a game 
We all know a balanced diet is helpful for maintaining healthy lifestyle .
But if you are on your weight loss journey Calorie counting may help you in rapid weight loss and you can achieve your goals but if you are thinking to continue the same for a long period of time you may find this a thing of past…let’s Knows why we have started thinking calorie counting is the thing of past.

1. We often don’t practice balance in calories:

Focus more on how to burn calories than getting worked up with calorie consumption. 

Why to get worried if you are eating a piece of cake or sweet yes you can may be on your cheat meal day, rather think of physical activity or try to complete your fitness plan next day in morning you will feel more refresh without any guilt.

Sometimes we couldn’t balance our calories- the consumption of calories gets proliferated intentionally or unintentionally than the expenditure, if you are overweight it means you are adding excess calories than you need probably adding unwanted body fat as these excess calories are stored in your adipose tissue.

Negative energy balance – This will be very helpful during your weight loss regimen you can shed your unwanted weight gradually. But if you are using this practice over a long period by not considering on the nutritional needs like intake of calories from protein, carbohydrate, fats, vitamin & minerals you may experience health issues ,for maintaining overall fitness , healthy and well-being caloric balance ,nutritional status and intake and expenditure of calories matters.

2. Least interested about type of calorie intake:

We don’t really choose the type of calories either we gulp up every thing that comes on our plate intentionally and unintentionally .It s really a important factor to choose your meal and what type of calories it holds.

Taking calories from protein and from carbohydrates both have a different role and benefits.

Protein: Taking calories from protein will help in reducing appetite as protein intake stimulates the production of hormones and will reduce your appetite and it will also help you to avoid binging every now and then.

Carbohydrate :If you are eating combination of carbs and fat it will boost up the stimulation of triglycerides and that needs medical attention

Taking calories from carbohydrates will stimulate the production of insulin that will cease the ability of body to burn fat and will leave the increased fat storage in body.

3. Probably we don’t look calorie counting with a positive perspective:

We can bring a difference if we think about calorie counting from positive perspective. Common thinking is calorie counting is bogus that isn’t correct, we can look forward with a fresh and positive side of calorie counting learn how?

1.We can always choose what to eat and not to through calorie counting.
2.We can track our health as if putting fuel economically and wisely.
3.Trying with calorie counting is more like taking fewer calories and managing them in a right way.
4.It sets boundaries when you choose your meal.
5.It helps you to set your goals also it controls your mind for choosing right portion of food.

4. Let it be a mind game:

If are on low calorie diet it will help you for a short while when you want to loose weight rapidly. But in the long run you can use this tips for playing game with your mind.

1.Drink plenty of water and alternate alcohol with chilled water.
2.Satiety on a plate: Delight yourself with a plate of proteins in your breakfast.
3.To control binging keep yourself busy with work or hang on to your hobbies.
4.Make a factual plan for fitness regime.  
5.Avoid midnight snack rather choose fibers in your plate.
6.Choosing a right exercise pattern is very important.
7.Stuck with small portions of meal rather than choosing one heavy meal 2 times in a day.
8.Eat your calories rather than drinking it or alternate it with fruit juices and other non-alcoholic drinks.
Calorie counting is no more about calories it’s a total package of managing calories, exercise, perspective, controlling mind, approach for being healthy not skinny etc for those who really thing that calorie counting is a thing past. 

By Garima Srivastava Health Coach at LNF