Friday, May 11, 2012


I have no time - all it takes is 30 minutes all of us can spare that much if we don’t sit around and eat in front of television.

Let me eat that cake and fries, I will start tomorrow - tomorrow never comes.

I cannot give up certain high fat/concentrated sugary fried food - then there is no hope you have to give something to get something.

My life is very stressful I will start when the stress is over - well this stress is already increasing your waistline anyway by body’s response to secrete more cortisol which deposits fat on your midriff.

I have to eat to bust that stress - try jumping jacks for 2 minutes or imaginary rope for 2 minutes see how you feel. If you have knee problems then just touch your knees alternately to chest in standing position for 2 minutes.

I get cravings and usually eat whatever I see at that time - shop ahead of time to keep only the healthy foods/snacks in your vicinity and don’t let cravings rule your mind, your are too strong to let that happen.

If I lose weight my facial glow will go - glow can be fixed with branded cosmetics but that fat around your waist can land you in serious health issues.

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