Thursday, May 3, 2012

Low energy and increased weight...sounds like you then read!!

Many people start their day with feeling lousy and having low energy and abnormal weight gain.
Wonder why this should happen?

Here are causes and ways to deal with this:

1.Lack of sleep

Usual causes:
Excessive snoring  due to sleep apnea
Alcohol use,
Caffeine use in late evening,
Lack of carbohydrate in dinner

Avoid alcohol on weekdays
No caffeine after 4 pm
Moderate carbs 1/3 the plate at dinner
Get yourself tested for sleep apnea and wear a CPAP machine mask if you have to.

2.Abnormal Thyroid: Most under diagnosed metabolic hormone deficiency,causing weight gain,depression,brittle nails,dry skin

Hashimoto's thyroiditis: autoimmune disease
Iodine deficiency
After thyroid surgery
Pituitary abnormalities
Yo-yo dieting

Get yourself tested on regular basis, ask your doctor to not just look at TSH, T3 optimization is essential
Get iodized salt,don't have to restrict salt if you have normal blood pressure
Take medications as directed and regularly
See a nutritionist for the thyroid friendly diet

3.Over exertion

Too much exercise
Working out late in evening
Too little protein in an active gym goer's diet

Take rest days at least once a week in middle of the week
Eat your protein
Drink lots of water
Try to workout right after work or earlier to avoid sleepless nights

4.Nutritional deficiencies

Most people are deficient in vitamin D and calcium as they get older and lack of sunlight exposure
If you have had intestinal surgeries
Diet related anemia or B vitamins deficiency

Ask your doctor to order appropriate tests
Ask your doctor to prescribe the right multivitamins and supplements

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