Sunday, September 30, 2012

The YO YO of diets

The more weight you lose faster more you are likely to gain it back and become resistant to weight loss in the long run.

The Yo yo of diets leads to a resistant thyroid and hampers the metabolism.

The higher the fat percentage the faster is weight loss initially and then your body recognizes a starvation state and you stop losing weight or hit a plateau.

The usual types of diets that people resort to are GM diet, maple syrup diet, juice fasting.
The problem is they are not only unhealthy but you lose water weight with them which you gain right back once you start a normal life.

The only sure shot way to lose is 1 kilo a week and according to how much you want to lose, you can calculate the weeks it will take to do a healthy weight loss.

If you have to go faster then consult a physician for a medical weight loss support program.

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