Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kick start that weight loss

Here are some samples for staring the regimen: Note here that you want to first check with your physician if you can start a regime.

1. First thing in morning drink 1-2 glasses of water.

2. If you can exercise in morning well done but if not then skip an imaginary rope 100 times and do some knee down pushups ( women) and regular push ups ( for men). That kicks in the day....

3. Remember to eat a healthy breakfast 100-200 calories as soon as you can after waking.(examples of good breakfast.....egg whites in which ever way you like with a cup of fat free Milk a cup of fruit ( for colon health fruit should be eaten only in early hours of the day otherwise they ferment and cause gas).

4. Grab a snack at 11 am or so.... Examples: hummus and carrots/ fatfree yogurt / 10 almonds/ celery and chutni or cucumber and chatni/1o to 15 peanuts/ protein-shake (my favorite), low fat cheese one cube with tea/ coffee and a glass of water.

5. Lunch at 1-2 pm: one part protein like chicken fish or turkey( for vegetarian you can soy nuggets ) and 2 parts sautéed veges like zucchini/ eggplant/ mushroom/string beans.

6.4 pm snack again with above choices plus another 2 glasses of water.

7. Get to the gym by 6 or so and spend an hour for sure or go running outside or do treadmill at home.

8. Avoid carbs at night try out unlimited salad and a protein,( you have to understand that our body burn less calories in evening),

9. Have a green tea before dinner,

10. Family time ....add 2 ,2 more glasses of water,

11. Sleep early as less you sleep more hungry you get. get 8 hrs of sleep at least.

12. Follow similar routine for several days with minor changes. Stick to it.

13 . How to deal with friends and family Who may discourage you.... IGNORE focus on your Determination to get rid of extra pounds

14. A healthy weight loss is 1-2 kilo a week.


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