Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Simple tips first

1.Never skip breakfast: what you eat within 2 hours of waking up will burn faster than any other meal.
2. Never go hungry for more than 4 hours: eat a fistful of healthy snack in between meals.( healthy snack ideasncoming up both veg and non veg),
3. Drink at least 8 cups of water ,tea coffee or other caffeine beverages not included
4.cut or abolish alcohol during active weight loss stage
5.Physical activity at least 30 mts most days of the week
6.drink hot beverage half hour before your evening meal
7.Make sure you get enough protein ( will give protein rich foods list soon) get at least 1gm per kg of body weight if your kidney functions are normal.
8.LIFT WEIGHTS to increase metabolism
9. Eat the fruit not the juice.
10, try using less salt,oil,butter,sugar.
11. Get your hands on vitamins ( list of supplements coming soon)


  1. I eat light in morning and noon, by the time it is evening I eat heavy - one of the major reason for my belly ; any suggestions!!

  2. Sure, the fact that you eat light is the reason you end up eating more in evening hours, most people with basal metabolic rate feel less hungry in morning and because they have eaten heavy dinner also contributes,
    I suggest you start eating a very good breakfast with carbohydrate and protein and a fruit within one hour of waking up....kinda wakes up ypur body and I promise in a week your body will want to eat more. Eat salads and lentils for dinner, u cannot overdo those ever.
    Other thing you can also do is drink a protein shake as a snack around 11 am to avoid feeling famished by evening. Hope that will suffice,

  3. Hi doc ...this is my first time before tht I want to tell u something about me...I have one daughter 10 yrs old after her birth I gained a lot weight keep on up and down .then in July 2009 I lost 13 kg in one and half mnth..tht time I was pregnant I wasn't aware of tht..I gave birth to my son in. April 2010..During my pregnancy I was very conscious about my diet. And didnt gain tht much weight...after delivery I lost 11 kg in 2 mnths...after tht weight is constant 1mnth back I check my weight I lost again 3kgs...but still I want to loose my my diet ...doc I m very concern about my diet ...pure veg. No oil ,I try to avoid as much as I can oily ,fatty,food I do swimming,walking and 2 week or so I started gym now I want to know about the protein and carb rich food and some suggestions to loose weight thanks.sorry this is quite lengthy ...

  4. I love your motivation.Now about the veggie proteins I have so many requests for that,thing is majority of Indians are vegetarian and their choices are limited and I have been doing some research on this for several months and here is my conclusion: it's essential you buy a protein shake powder with about 3-4 g carbs/sugar and 2-3%fat and at least 20 g protein in one scoop drink atleast 1-2 shakes a day ,other choices are strained fatfree yogurt 1 cup has about 12-15 g protein/soy nuts roasted unsalted/sugar free jelly(make it at home get packets from market)/firm tofu -can be pan grilled and eaten with chat masala or Indian spices-about 10-12gm protein in 2 ounces(big cubes), low fat cheese- laughing cow 1-2 cubes per day/ sprouted moong I cup has about 18 g/ edamame is green soy which is eaten boiled,it maybe available in India / surely available in USA.You see all these can be eaten with greens.Total protein per day is roughly 1 g per kilo, and remember to eat fistful every 4-5 hours. no meal can be skipped.

  5. Thanks doc...I will keep in my mind all these food items while making my diet chart ....will in touch with u for further healthy suggestions...thanks

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