Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Myths about weight loss

1. I can a do a juice fast and lose 10 lbs :( NO you can't it's only water loss that shows up on the scale
2 I can lose weight by eating a lot and exercising a lot:( NO diet is 80 % change that you will have to make.
3.I can eat dals as my proteins and lose weight :( NO dals have carbs also so they are great but when you restrict you need more protein
4.I can get liposuction for weight/ fat loss:( NO liposuction is designed for for people with normal BMI,
5. I always lose weight when I diet so I can do it I just don't find time:( NO whatever weight loss you did was wrong because you put the weight on back.
6.I can starve and lose weight :(NO you are lowering your basal metabolic rate and when you eat your fat cells will double in size again,the yo yo factor.
7.I want to lose just on my belly:( NO there's no way that you can do that without a overall exercise and diet routine.
8. I eat very healthy still don't lose the weight :(NO you are probably eating something during the day that piles up fat in your body and you are not aware that it's doing it to you.
9. I eat only salads and vegetables and I manage to lose but comes back in some months(Yes you can lose it that way but if you haven't added protein you are losing muscle proteins and your tone goes away and weight loss will not last.
10.I can't find time life is so busy:( NO you can find time to eat/sleep/ make money why not make 1 hour for yourself,trust me best investment of your time.

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  1. yeah u r right that one hr is most imp. ut still we r not sparing it..its a pity...can u please tell protein stuff to taken for vegetarians...

    1.protein shake powder with about 3-4 g carbs/sugar and 2-3%fat and at least 20 g protein in one scoop drink atleast 1-2 shakes a day ,
    other choices are
    2.strained fatfree yogurt 1 cup has about 12-15 g protein/ nuts roasted unsalted/
    4.sugar free jelly(make it at home get packets from market)/
    5.firm tofu -can be pan grilled and eaten with chat masala or Indian spices-about 10-12gm protein in 2 ounces(big cubes)
    6.low fat cheese- laughing cow 1-2 cubes per day/ sprouted moong I cup has about 18 g/ 7.edamame is green soy which is eaten boiled,it maybe available in India / surely available in USA.
    8.Low fat paneer is another good one, i suggest it should be made at home, commercially prepared paneer is high in fat.
    9.Rajma beans especially the one with brown lines on them, a cup has baout 12-13 grams of protein.
    Total protein intake roughly 1g per kilo body weight if kidney functions are normal.
    You see all these can be eaten with greens

  3. Forgot to mention nuts but about 10 almonds or pistacchios/5 walnuts:roasted unsalted are more effective for weight loss as we decrease sodium content.

  4. Any good complete supplement which is natural and not formulated?