Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Start up challenge

Most important for starting to get fit and lose to ask yourself WHY you want to do it
Whats your motivation: could be an upcoming event,new love life,health risks,just out Of a relationship etc etc.
Set a goal: weight loss/ fat loss/ just increasing endurance and core strength or just toning up,
kick start that weight loss program by following steps
1. Get a diary
2.write your goal,current weight, timelines, body fat percentage or just measure your waist at navel, thighs upper and lower, arm at biceps level and hip circumference, your BMI( can be done on line just plug in numbers)
3. See what tools you have available,: a near by gym, can you afford a trainer?,can you run/ walk outdoors or do you have a cardio machine at home and have you done your yearly physical with a MD.
Start a 3 month program: you have to give yourself 3 month patience to see good results, after all that that fat didn't store up in 3 months its years of wrong eating and less activity.......but never too late I promise.
A realistic goal setting is important: if you are morbidly obese target for mere obese and if you are obese target for overweight, and if you are just overweight then get lean.
There is no one rule that applies to all, we all are different with cultural differences in the way we have lived and eaten so besting to stick to what food is liked by you and make the best of it.
NOTE: all cuisines have a healthy option:-)


  1. found it, how about people with thyroid disorders, what is your recommnedation. And no medication does not take care of evrything I am taking compounded form now after nightmares with synthetic medication. Girl I have motivation, skills know how but totally at a loss for losing and am therefore losing it:( I am hoping that ur blogs will get me thru..

  2. Thyroid issues are vital for weight loss,sorry to hear about it but since thyroid is a metabolic hormone you please let me know are you on Armor thyroid? and how many grains/grams. what's your latest tsh and ft3 and ft4. Will be in better position to suggest.

  3. hi docanjali
    i hav a question...i do exercise regularly which includes running atleat 5-10 kms , alternate day swimming also.. but the problem is i sweat alot means to say if somone sweats in 10 kms i'l sweat that much in 5 kms. plz tell me is there somthing wrong with me..

  4. Sweat is sodium chloride and our sweat glands are exocrine in nature which in simple terms means they excrete or throw out fluids in form of sodium and potassium and chloride. It can be impacted by diet/ medications/ running in heat.

    Nothing is wrong about sweating so much.....if you run 10 k then you are a fit person for sure..

    Make sure you drink lots of water/ replenish your sodium potassium and magnesium .... I usually recommend calcium magnesium pills one daily dose of 250 mg mag is vital for people who do strenuous exercise and/ or a banana every day or if you can find zero cal Gatorade then then that's awesome before and after workout.