Tuesday, July 7, 2015

10 awesome ways to slim down while you party

10 awesome ways to slim down while you party

We all will face challenges of social life, night life and travelling

Do we just wait for an ideal time to lose weight? If you can yes go ahead but if that is not a possibility let face the challenge and solve the current scenario

What can you do?

1.     Remember to fill up your tummy with healthy foods at home before a party…..don’t go hungry(usually travel time is huge considering the traffic these days.

2.     Water in between drinks,

3.     Choose only protein and raw salads at a get together.

4.     Next day make sure you workout no matter what…..do a high intensity short cardio if time is an issue.

5.     Make sure you eat good carbs like vegetables/whole grains on non-party days.

6.     Sometimes a short-term juice cleanse can work if social life is very demanding.

7.     Stay away from people who force you to eat or drink extra calories (I literally mean alcohol and sugary bubbly drinks)

8.     While travelling don’t go easy on your physical exercise. Walk walk walk as much as possible.

9.     Eat authentic cuisines but make sure you use fillers like salads and fruits.

10. Catch up on sleep for sure or else you will eat more if sleep deprived

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