Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Happy Ramadan

Happy Ramadan 2015

With Ramadan starting soon…it can be a good time to regain lost health or lose weight, detox, pray, do charity.

So from the information that I have got from friends and patients is that people who do observe fast they can eat from Sunset to Sunrise.
And then they can’t eat or even drink water nothing for the whole day till sunset.

Scientifically speaking and in the diet world Ramadan maybe based on the principle intermittent fasting. You fast for about 15 hours and eat only between sunset to sunrise.

Fasting for this long can really dig into your glycogen and fat stores to be used up as energy.

So what diet to follow during the permissible eating hours?
You must have your balanced meal when you break the fast.
I suggest you have 2 small meals from sunset to sunrise and then a heavy meal at sunrise.

Make sure evening meals have a balanced nutrition: So based on a 60 kg person: A decent portion of carbohydrate (1-2 starch like roti/rice/bread) at least 1 serving (cup) of vegetable, 1 cup salad, 1 portion (your palm) protein. Have low fat yogurt or some low fat milk, grab a fruit (a slice or a cup).

Make 2nd meal (low salt) a bit smaller than fast breaking meal you can minus the dairy and fruit and from there as you will prepare to sleep.

Have a really heavy meal at sunrise: make sure its rich in protein (based on a 60 kg person should be around 30 grams example egg whites), fiber and a whole carb (in form of oatmeal or whole grain bread, add fruit and some good quality fat (light butter/peanut butter/almond butter(thumb size)
You have to last a day on that so make this the heaviest meal.

Disclaimer: Views are author’s own, always consult your own doctor before you begin any program/diet/exercise.

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