Friday, June 12, 2015

Watch out for signs of undiagnosed Diabetes

Prevent diabetic complications by getting it diagnosed early

Diabetes has become a very common illness in our society, often diagnosed at a very late stage. Often it’s the most common cause of blindness and kidney failure.

I often see patients who are diagnosed with diabetes at my clinic at random, Usually it’s a silent disease, don’t wait till complications of diabetes have set in,
its best to watch out for the signs beforehand.

·      Gaining too much weight in a short span of time.
·      Getting too thirsty
·      Going to bathroom to pee more than usual
·      Feeling very hungry all the time
·      Recent onset of sugar cravings
·      Numbness in the arms or feet
·      Cloudy urine
·      Non/delayed healing wound
·      Strong family history of Diabetes or unknown reason of kidney failure/heart attack.

Go see a doctor right away.

Don’t Delay!!

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