Sunday, October 2, 2011

Healthy snack ideas under 100 calories.

Simple Snacks ideas Under 100 calorie

Remember when you jog for 10 min at average speed you lose 100 caloires and when you walk for 25minutes you burn same amount of calories.

First of all buy yourself some zip lock bags and cup measure from a kitchen store,

You can mix and match all of them and make your own packets

14 almonds raw unsalted
Half cup (4-5) unsalted walnut edible part.
20 baby Carrots
50 raisins
1 Pear
1 Apple
1cup Blueberries
1 full stalk of celery with a fat free ranch dip,
2 table spoon dry roasted unsalted Bengal gram or Chick peas
3/4 cup of wheat bran flakes from Kellogg's.
1 ounce ( fistful) of dry roasted unsalted Soy nuts
4 Marie biscuits
1 Laughing cow low fat cheese cube with 2 crackers
5 PC of salami (processed food)
1 whole wheat toast dry
1 table spoon peanuts
1cup non butter popcorn

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