Friday, October 7, 2011

Lose 500 clories a day

Here is what to me is easiest way to get rid of 500 calories withuot too much thinking.
You may not like one single way so pick the one that suits your life style.
I always say never detour too much away from your natural self and then you will stick to it.
I have listed the ways you can choose to do it.

1.A 5 minutes activity blast any time of the day,several times a day:skipping, jumping jacks,push ups,jump squats..etc etc. If you end up doing 20 minutes total you would lose about 250 cals...just imagine.

2.Replace one meal with a protein shake(atleast 20 g protein in a scoop and 0-3 carbs only,calories from fat should not be more than 10%)
How to make a healthy shake if you cant get hands on a commercial ready made one:
Take a scoop of the powder you bought, pour some unsweetened soy milk add splenda/stevia if want it sweet,add lots of ice and blend and drink.

Now which meal? best in Lunch in my opinion.

3.Cut out one bread/chapati/extra cup rice and add 1 glass of water instead to your meal and cut out entire carb in form of starch eg chapati/bread/rice/pasta/noodles/kidney beans(rajma)at night...still eat your vegetables.

4.1 hour at the gym : circuit training with added jogging.

5.Add mirchi....dont get ulcers though, add green chilli to your diet it contains capsaicin and that will shoot up metabolism for you.

6.Cut out any sugar or coke or pepsi or juice you have in your diet replace with sugarfree if you have to.

7.For post partum moms lose 500 a day by breast feeding.

8.Cut out cakes,choclates,nuts,cookies,icecreams,pizza,alcohol when in active weight loss mode. you add them back in a weekly routine once you are in maintenence.(all of them in one servig have atleast 250-300 calories).

9.Cut out the snacking with sweet biscuits/namkeen/roasted peanut/cashews/pakoras/ and replace it with vegetables/salads without dressing/egg whites/fish/any grilled or tandoori meat, especially at tea time have 2 marie biscuits only.

10.Cut down on TV limiting it to 2 hours only a day and take up sport/dance/aerobics/yoga as a recreational activity and if this could include your children and family it will be more enjoyable and doable.

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