Monday, October 24, 2011

Festive Sweets: Solutions.

Come Diwali or Christmas or Halloween, we are exposed to high sugary mouth watering treats which also bring a festive nostalgia when we were growing up.

Tackle with easy steps.

1.Don't deprive yourself of the sweets you have realllllly waited to eat.
Eat a piece slowly and before you go for next one drink a big glass of water or huge cup of green tea.
Green tea should be increased to 3 cups a day for time being atleast.

2.Add 15 minutes extra to your high intensity workout with every extra ounce of sweets, Rope skip extra 100 times if you have to.

3.Try not to eat other carbohydrate and starches if you plan to binge on sweets.

4.Eat more chillies this season to alter sweet cravings.

5.Proteins decrease sugar cravings so up it significantly

6.To stay fit do pure protein days: eat only protein for atleast 2-3 days after or before you plan to sin.
Eat only unlimited egg whites/chicken/fish/tofu/greekyogurt/protein shake with 0 carb/ only carb allowed will be oatbran cereal with low fat milk cooked at home.
Approximately 70 grams for an average 60 kg person.

7.Stay away from wine as it will increase and pack pounds on your middle, if you have to drink alcohol drink only vodka with club soda and lime.

8.Not a good time to quit smoking.Your taste buds are reborn. Best time to quit should be Summer but anyday quitting is always a good idea with proper support I must add.

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