Monday, October 17, 2011

Natural Mommy makeover/post partum blues.

You just went through the most blissful delivery event of your life with an angel wrapped in your arms.
You got on your feet in a few days and back to work....something is bothering you THE WEIGHT you gained.
Here are some natural solutions.

Whether you had a normal delivery or a C-section you are good to start a healthy weight loss programin 4-6 weeks.

1.Breast feeding takes away 500 calories.No brainer.
You don't need fatty food to produce milk..lots of decaf fluids will do the trick.
2.Get your food diary back in your life.
3.Buy a good jogging stroller and enjoy brisk walking/jogging with your baby looking at you.Go for about 15 min to start and increase to 45 min slowly.Hit the Gym if you want.Go easy on weights if you had C-section.
4.Start your day with 2 glasses of water and a tea/coffee what ever you prefer.And a Good breakfast with fruit/high fibre roti/bread/1 raw tomato and a cup of grapefruit. Add a protein shake for snack.Dinner: add a soup with food, or eat lentil/dal with veges and a piece of protien. Eat 4-5 small meals as breast feeding will make you hungry sooner than you think.
5.Stay away from the traditional fatty stuff that grandma used to make.
6.Calcium and Vit D intake needs to be higher during post partum period. Calcium 1200mg atleast and 600IU of Vitamin D. Calcium will also help with better weight loss.Plus a good multivitamin without forgetting.
7.Calorie consumption should be about 1500 daily to lose extra pounds.(Note in diary so you dont go overboard).
8.Proteins please don't forget to eat 1.2g per kg of proteins in form of chicken/fish/soy/skim cheeses esp Cheddar/Greek yogurt.
9.Lots of water 8-10 cups per day with extra one cup for each coffee/tea.
10.Fruits and vegetables should be major part of your diet.WHole wheat breads are ok but No white rice for starch.Add extra fiber in you diet such as Psyllium husk/wheatgerm.(High fibre is equal to less carb consumed).
11.Lack of sleep can add extra pounds so don't hesitate to ask help of your family and let the baby sleep separately in a crib better if another room, Use monitor so you dont keep waking up.
12.Ask your spouse to toss up some salad every evening while you unwind with feet up.

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