Saturday, December 8, 2012

5 Easy Soup Preps.

Winter is all about soups:

SOUPS are top on the list because they are not only rich in vitamins and minerals, they also fill you up at any meal time.

5 Easy preps to do at home: all can be garnished with cinnamon,cilantro or parsley, all 3 good for weight loss.

1.Plain vegetable: Boil your favorite vegetables in enough water to just soak them,add 1 teaspoon olive oil,salt to taste and  blend ......enjoy with a couple soup sticks or a slice of low fat cheese.** my suggested thermogenic vegetables are: celery,spinach,broccoli, cabbage,peppers.

2.Spinach, tomato and cabbage : Saute them in a pan with some peanuts and tofu and curry leaves, add boiling water and blend or the other way around.** this soup is loaded with antioxidants.

3. Plain tomato: Tops my list of soups....but home made since the packets or cans are full of sodium/salt. Boil 3 tomatoes per serving in water, blend on high speed,1/4 teaspoon salt per serving, add toasted bread instead of fried bread to garnish.

4.For egg lovers: egg drop soup: Get vegetable stock/ chicken stock and store at home: while boiling add(drop) 2 egg whites per serving, add roasted cabbage for crunch/garnish, and a dash of soy sauce with salt to taste. ** great protein soup.

5.Lentil soup/Dal soup: Boil any whole lentil and keep it aside, sauteed vegetable and add to boiling water, add salt and pepper and 1 tablespoon dal/lentil per serving, add peanuts or toasted almonds or toasted pine nuts. ** great soup for proteins and vegetable....almost a meal replacement or a pre-party fill up.

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