Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Almost 90% of my patients walk in with one history that is common is skipping breakfast.

" I don't feel hungry in the morning".

Most people who are not used to eating breakfast feel no hunger in AM.
Result is their BMR its low which means their capacity to burn calories at rest is very low.

Easiest and yummiest way to increase your BMR is having a breakfast.

But the common mistake is to have very small breakfast or only single food group at breakfast.
Eating a healthy well balanced morning meal can really make your day very pleasant with no drops in sugar resulting in minimal evening cravings.

Common killer breakfast mistake:

Big bowl of fruits
Toast and coffee/tea
Instant cereal with milk
Bread Omelet
Bagel and cheese

Ideal options:

  1. Protein shake/smoothie with a fruit like 1/2 cup berries or half banana and a whole wheat bread.
  2. Organic turkey sausage with whole grain bread and a seasonal fruit.
  3. Oat bran cooked in low fat milk/water with cinnamon and 2-3 boiled egg whites.
  4. 2 eggs and 2 low fat bacon strips with 1/2 whole grain bagel.
  5. Vegetable Omelet with whole wheat bread and 1/2 grapefruit.

Feel good!!!

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