Thursday, December 20, 2012



As we age the metabolism becomes slow, all we have to do it increase it by making simple changes to your life.

Adding proteins: People with no kidney problems are required to have 0.8 gm per kg of protein daily, and if you do weight training then you require from 1 to 1.5 mg per kg or proteins. So if you weight 60 kilos, you must have at least 50 grams of protein in your diet.

Eating frequently: Don’t go hungry too long, if you do you will have a drop in both metabolic rate and sugar that will make you crave wrong food.

Eating Breakfast: Most important meal of the day, in my last write up I have explained why breakfast is so important.

Exercise: Moderate amount of weight training increases your resting metabolic rate. Excess training can cause reverse effects.

Sleep: Sleep deprivation also affects metabolism:

Winter: Yes in winter we are trying to keep our bodies warm and our metabolism goes up, trick is to stick to a healthy diet and not munch mindlessly.

White kidney bean extract: It acts as a carb blocker and helps you lose fat so your metabolism increases.


  1. about white kidney bean extract..can we eat white kidney beans and get the same effect?

    1. I don't think white kidney beans are available in India, and if they were, you'd have to eat a lot of it to get same benefit.

  2. Thank You for the reply...well I'm in US and just wondered that everybody talks of all different kinds of supplements and what to include and what to omit, so I try if I can use the source but as you said I'd probably have to consume lot of white beans to get desired amount of effectiveness:-)
    If you get a chance then please write about the "must have" supplements and "nice to have" add on supplements for weight loss.
    And I appreciate the info you spread!!