Monday, September 19, 2011

Famous diets and their quick review.

Number of diets have claimed to help people lose weight, most of us have heard about them in the past or present.

I am lisiting the famous ones with brief pros and cons.

1. Atkins: Used to be my favourite diet, reduces weight fast, have to be non veg but also can lead to kidney and cholesterol problems if you are not careful,water intake has to be generous.

2.Zone diet: Easier for people who like to cook and eat healthy, easier to stick to but needs good knowledge of how to count calories and takes time to train yourself mentally to know how much each food group has.Good maintenence diet.

3.Mediterrarean Diet: Healthy good food but can end up over eating, is rich with olive oil canola oil instead of butter and includes all food groups. Allows wine, so can go overbeoard. Maybe good for maintenence.

4.Caveman diet: My favourite diet: nothing from bag, box or jar, eat it if you can pluck it off the tree/ground you can have it or if you can hunt it or fish you can have it.

5.Dukan: Recently in media gained lot of attention, tough to follow on long term basis.

6.My diet: anything low carb is good, vegetables as complex carbs,quinoa instead of rice,decent protein and no fried foods, will make you leaner and plus exercise regularly to avoid future risk of heart disease/stroke/hyperlipidemia ad other obesity related conditions.

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