Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Vitamins and supplement section 1.

Been preparing this section, taken a while to post it,folks this is free source and in very layman terms so enjoy and take what you you have to from it.( ALL this info is based on research trials done in USA periodically )

There are many essential vitamins and trace elements that are often undertaken by most of us.
Its a stressful life and we often dont take enough nutrition and as we age, we get depleted of the stores.

Basically you should know what are your best bet especially when you want to remain fit,have fat loss, are antioxidants and increase metabolism.

Today I will take up calcium and Vitamin D as they are inter related.

Most important is the CALCIUM,

Its available as citrate(less elemntal calcium per dose) and carbonate(more elemental caclium), citrate you can pretty much take any time of the day but carbonate needs stomach acid so needs to be taken with food. Daily dose from 19 yrs to 100 yrs is ~1200 mg per day,Always take divided doses since one time absorption by body is limited to 500mg.

Tests for blood serum calcium unless very deficient are not done routinely.

( milk yogurt and cheese withh give about 250-400mg max in plain low fat yougurt)

Basic natural sources are cheese and yogurt milk , remember more fat lower calcium in a food product,

Coffee tea and alcohol increase caclium excretion from body (basically deplete your calcium levels)

High protein intake helps absorb more calcium from gut

Generally deficiency is caused if really had a stomach surgery or kidney failure or malnourished,

But its necessary to keep optimal upper limit levels

Benefits are:

1. Increases fat excretion from the body ,plus absorbs excess fat from diet. vegetarian need to be more careful as they have oxalic and phytic acids from plan which may decrease absortption still would go case to case basis. BASICALLY calcium keeps you thin especailly if dervied from diet.

2. bone health/osteoporosis.

3. heart health.

4. Protects from some cancers.

Note dietary calcium doesn't cause kidney stones and calcium supplements have higher risk.

Next is vitamin D : FAT SOLUBLE vitamin :its governed by sun exposure and promotes calcium absorbtion from the gut. Not a great supplement to be had from diet ( Fish esp Salmon, tuna and mackarel) interesting vit D is found in egg yolk(only 41 IU per yolk). SHould be taken together with CALCIUM.

tested by doing blood serum levels as 25 hydroxy vitamin D.

Mostly low in people who are a BMI >30 (obese category )

Represented as diseases called osteomalacia (adults) and rickets(chiildren).

Good dose is 600 IU(international Units) during 19-70 yrs of life people above 70 need about 800 IU

Reasons for taking vitamin D

1.Bone health/osteoporosis/fracture prevention as we age. gastric bypass or having fat malabsorption.

3.prevention of certain cancers like colon, prostate and breast.

Coming up next will be the antioxidants......


  1. Can you mention some brand names. I take "one a day" how good is that or Centrum? Even with this do I need to take additional calcium?

  2. i wont be able to endorse a brand but I did look at one a day and it has 500 mg o calcium. so you need one extra 500 mg calcium to be taken at another time, totalling to 1000mg and remember divided doses works best since our gut absorbs only 500mg at one time,
    you may want to explore some sugarfree chewable calcium very yummy available at costco.