Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lap band or gastric bypass or liposuction!!!

Many patients ask me if they should get a lap band or a gastric bypass and they are unable to decide. Some even ask about liposuction.

To start any kind of weight loss you have to know that you will relearn how to eat and live an active life just the way we teach kids everything,

Behavioral and life style modification is by far the most important aspect.

Firstly you need to know what your BMI (body mass index) is, refer to Internet or my previous posts to know how to calculate it.

If your BMI is >30 if are obese category you can do strict weight reduction with help of medical assistance and medications and then maintain it when you are about 23 BMI,
You can get a lap band but its surgery and has its own complications. Lap band is somehow more advertised and is not seemingly successful much if your BMI is higher than 35.

If you BMI are >35 you are at risk for many conditions like heart disease, diabetes, sleep apnea, and osteoarthritis, High blood pressure.

Now if you have any of these conditions already then you can plan for a gastric bypass from any center of excellence. In India there are a few in all major cities.
Diabetics get completely cured after bypass; it’s a safe procedure if you have a good follow up.

Make sure you follow up regularly after the bypass with a MD since you will have to make sure you don’t get deficient in vitamins and essential nutrients.
There is still a fear of weight regain if you don’t keep up with the follow up.

If your BMI is >40 then its highly likely that gastric bypass will be the way to go since your body is under extreme stress and eventually you will end up getting the above diseases.

As for liposuction you must make sure that your BMI is in normal range and you are getting the fat out from the problem areas only.
But before you take that plunge its vital to get your hormones checked you may be deficient in thyroid, if you don’t replace that then you will get your fat back in a year or 2.

Overall any extra weight should be lost and lean muscle mass should be increased for longevity.

Be patient give your weight loss at least 6 months and slow weight loss will be more permanent than quick weight loss.

When someone tells you they have a machine that can reduce your weight/ inches in 3 weeks or so then it’s a red flag because, fat loss only happens if you take less calories and spend more.

Don’t fall for gimmicks learn how to stay fit forever. Its new learning and don’t be afraid to try it.


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