Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kick start weight loss part 2

Another sample to fit diet and workout in your daily routine for especially for working force.

Always: Note here that you want to first check with your physician before any weight loss program.
You should not eat under 1200 calories per day otherwise your BMR (basal metabolic rate with drop and you will gain the weight back).

1. Start the day with some spot jogging for 5 minutes and a few stretches, if you can squeeze in a quick workout it’s the best time, 2 glasses of water.

2. Eat a full healthy breakfast to keep yourself from starving at other times of the day.
A healthy breakfast includes whole-wheat toast / egg white/fresh fruits/low fat cheese/low fat milk/tea or coffee optional.
For roti/ idli lovers just avoid the fried stuff.
Coconut chutney is good.
Basically you want to include all food groups at this time.

3.Snack in about 3 hours: good ideas are an apple or a pear, or 10 almonds, 10 walnuts (loaded with omega 3 fatty acids). Nuts keep you full and are protein laden.
Sugar free gum is another good one.

4.If you can pack your lunch to work its great and just choose from following options Sandwich with salad and cheese or firm minced tofu, non veg can have grilled tandoori chicken, 1-2 chapatti/roti with 2 cups of dal/avoid potato, add at least 1 full cup of low fat yogurt to your meal. 1 glass of water around this time.

Eat slowly enjoy this meal this time is a real break from work.

5.Snack time again in 3 hours. At this time you can have a whey protein shake, plus 1-2 glasses of water, or a fistful of roasted unsalted channa/ soy nuts/low fat cheese.
Check my blog post from August 6 for some more ideas.
Soon I will posting making your own 100 cal snack packs to carry around.

6.Exercise ½ to 1 hour (get a brisk walk or cycle or treadmill or cross trainer or weights or golf or swim).

7.In evening your body is preparing to get lazy so are your intestines so don’t over eat at this time.
Make healthy choices for dinner plate whether you eat out or eat at home: 1/3 protein, 1/3 carbohydrate, and 2/3 vegetables.
Avoid frequent desserts, reserve them for weekends. Avoid fruits at night they ferment in the colon during the night.

If you drink alcohol and can’t stop it then limit to one drink with lots of ice and go slow.

Instead wind up with a chamomile tea at night its super relaxing. Some patients have told me they stopped alcohol/dessert completely after starting this tea before bed.

Remember studies have shown that 7-8 hours of sleep keeps your hunger in check during the day.

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