Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Thyroid and metabolism.

There is majority of patiets who eat right and exercise and still don't lose weight

Guess what get your hormones checked!!!!

Go to your physician and check your TSH, Free T3 And Free T4.

Why is Thyroid gland so important?

Its your basic metabolic hormone : Fat and carb metabolism is directly related to it.
Basically it affects almost all body systems and a prolonged untreated deficiency can lead to severe reproductive and cardiac troubles apart from feeling crappy.

How to recognize you should get your levels checked:
1.Fatigue and anemia.
2.Hair loss.
3.Cold intolerance.
5.Trouble losing weight.
6.Infertility( it interesting that one patient was having trouble getting pregnant and when her T3 was optimized she concieved and did not abort)Talk to your doc.

If your TSH is high means your thyroid hormones are low, remember T3 is at the cellular level if that is not optimized as well then you have not corrected the Thyroid issues.

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