Thursday, September 22, 2011

Vegetarian Protein Options

SOY is your best choice.

Now if no matter where in the world you are you can have access to soy in form of soy chunks(Nutrela Brand), they look like small meat balls, cook them in gravy or just steam and eat with salads or vegetables.These soy nuggets are laden with protein, per 100g is about half small packet is about 54 g proteins so get atleast cup and a half at one time.

Other options for people in USA are:(some foods maybe available in India).

Fat free Cottage chesse(not paneer)/ fat free Ricotta cheese, Greek yogurt (non fat:recipe below)),

Tofu : for indian palate and taste I suggest get firm Tofu and make like our matar paneer, as tofu is bland, chinese take away food has tofu but its usually deep fried so we defeat the whole purpose of healthy options.

In USA we also get Morning star products in organic section just browse.

Buy low carb protein powder and make a couple low carb protein smoothies at home with antioxidant berries and you have a super food ready for Veges.

Milk has about 7 g protein in a cup and people with lactose intolerance get Soy milk its same proteins.

chickpeas have protein too but also very high in carb so they are good on maintenence diet.Same is the case with Lentils (dals) sprouted or unsprouted but they better than gobbling up any other fried or sweet food.

And to answer a question about our Indian food and how to make it healthy I think I will have to built up a whole section on this, If diets deviate too much from what we are used to no body witll stick to them.

Featured Recipe:Non fat GREEK yogurt:
Its like when you make Dahi(curd at home)
1.You boil fatfree or 1% milk and then
2.let it cool to room temperaature
3.Put the previous day spoonful of yogurt (should be live :one we make at home is live yogurt laden with good bacteria),
4.Set the milk for the night or 6-7 hours at a warm temperature.
5.Once yogurt is set then hang it by putting in a mesh/very think silken cloth over a container that will rain out excess water.
and let it hang for 1 hour,
6.And your greek yogurt is ready .
Throw away the drained water.
FACT: it has about 19-20 g protein in one cup

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